Safety Features

What are the safety features of Dynaton?

  • The heart of the Dynaton design philosophy is safe, sure assembly.
  • With its low weight the system is ergonomic to handle during assembly and disassembly, yet strong and dependable.
  • Dynaton is manufactured in compliance with ASNZ Standards (AS1576)
  • Each part positively interlocks into a central rosette called the Ringlock system; a light tap secures the parts.
  • The Ringlock system enables centrally transmitted load-bearing – a must for stability.
  • Lighter componentry combines with configuration strength to increase load bearing capabilities above that of conventional scaffolding.
  • Safety for workers underfoot is enhanced due to the unique back to back angle componentry whcih ensures decking remains level on change of direction.
  • There are no bolts or projections that can be accidentally damaged, detached or increase risk of injury.
  • Assembly is straightforward, easy and efficient