DynaMesh® is a uniquely designed and patented containment system for use in the Construction and Mining Industries.

DynaMesh® incorporates features that make it one of the best and versatile containment mesh products on the Market. The design is based on feedback and experience from users in the Formwork and Scaffold Industries. Constructed from High Density Poly Urethane with fiberglass re-enforced banding, stitched to provide stability and strength, it is one of the strongest and lightest products available in the market today.8




This product has been extensively tested against similar products in the market today. DynaMesh® has shown it is consistently 50% stronger and 30% lighter than others.

DynaMesh® can be screen printed for brand advertising at additional cost.

Environmentally FriendlyBenefits include:

• Significant savings in labour installation and dismantle times
• Wire is eliminated completely, no wire tangles or protuberances

• No wire = no wire lacerations
• Reduction of trip hazards
• Ease of use and, more importantly re-use
• Can be cut and shaped with easily with snips
• Highly durable, can be re-used multiple times
• UV Stable
• UV Compliant



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