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The MSP Props – The better Acrow Props

The MSP Props by Dynaton are designed for precise slab support in construction projects. With millimetre accuracy and five dimensions available, these props can be easily adjusted to cover a range of typical heights. They provide reliable and consistent support, with a loading capacity up to 40kN, ensuring safety on-site (Load Chart can be supplied for various propping heights).

The MSP Props are built to withstand the rigors of construction environments. They are hot-dipped galvanised both internally and externally, offering excellent resistance to rust. The props feature numbered height adjustment holes, enabling easy and accurate adjustments on-site, particularly when working with a bulk quantity. The props also incorporate an impact-resistant design in the bottom section of the outer tube, protecting their structural integrity against impacts.

With a height range from 1.5m to 5m, the MSP Props cater to various construction requirements. They are Australian/New Zealand certified, meeting industry standards for quality and safety. Additionally, the props are compatible with a range of prop accessories, including U-heads, tripods, 90-degree clips, and LVL’s, providing flexibility and versatility on the job site.

Available in five dimensions to suit different height requirements:
D0: Opens from 1,520mm to 2,500mm
D1: Opens from 1,720mm to 3,000mm
D2: Opens from 1,970mm to 3,500mm
D3: Opens from 2,270mm to 4,000mm
D4: Opens from 3,000mm to 5,000mm

All our props are available for purchase or hire (Other prop sizes available).

Download our MSP Prop product Sheet and Loading Capacities HERE.

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