Protection Screens

Dynaton Protection Screen System.

Adaptable and innovative design makes the Dynaton Protection Screen System among the most cost-effective and safe edge protection solutions for high-rises.


Our Screen Protection system is designed to be reusable. The standard screen dimensions are adaptable to many different building perimeters, so regardless of the shape of the building, Dynaton screens can adjust to fit.


The Dynaton Screen System can cycle up to the next level without a crane. For additional space around the perimeter of the slab a working platform can be fixed to the screen.

  1. No onsite maintenance required.
  2. Natural light is not restricted.
  3. Faster installation, lifting and removal.
  4. Fully customisable to your requirements
  5. All customisations are completed before the
 screens arrive to site.
  6. Assistance on design work.

Please contact us for more details.

You can find our Dynaton Protection Screen Brochure

Protection Screen Brochure

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