FRC-MESH GEN. 2 (Color variety)




Fire-Retardant Containment Mesh

Available sizes: 1.9m x 10m roll

Dynaton’s FRC-Mesh (Fire-Retardant Containment Mesh) Containment Mesh is a unique design and patented fire-retardant containment system used to enclose scaffolding from the inside. It is used to prevent falling objects and provide safety for workers using the scaffold at height. This product has been extensively tested against similar products on the market and is stronger and lighter. FRC-MESH Gen2 has achieved a flammability index of 2.

FRC-MESH GEN2 Mesh is also available for Handrail applications, check out the Dynaton FRC-MESH GEN2 Handrail Mesh

• Fire-retardant containment system
• Significant saving in labor installation and dismantle times
• The wire is eliminated completely with no wire tangles or lacerations
• Reduction of trip hazards
• Decreased product weight compared to chain and shade system
• Highly durable, can be re-used multiple times
• Easy to use
• Can be cut and shaded easily

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