Acrow Prop #2(1950mm-3210mm)

Product Code: APROP#02

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel 

Closed 1950mm- Open 3210mm

Prop Working Loads: 37Kn

Australian/New Zealand engineered and certified, Dynaton props are made from high quality steel and hot dipped galvanised to ensure our rigorous quality standards are met and maintained.


Engineered and Certified AS/NZS Standards:


Dead and Live Loads AS/NZS1170.1
Wind Loads AS/NZS1170.2
Formwork Code AS/NZS 3610-2010 & AS/NZS 3610-1995
Steel Structures Code AS/NZS 4100

Acrow Prop specification


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Weight: 22.20 Kg

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