LVL Beams 95mm x 65mm



W 95mm x  H 65mm x L1000mm

Our LVL comes in the Following lengths and Codes (LVL is painted on the ends to different Colors for easy sorting on site), for both 95mm x 65mm and 150mm x 77mm,

Length     Color Code
6.000m Red
5.400m Purple
4.800m Orange
4.200m Green
3.600m Blue
3.000m  Pink
2.400m Brown
1.800m  White
1.500m Yellow









Price for per Meter of  95mm x 65mm LVL Beams Excluding GST.

Discounts will be applied to larger orders. (more than 40 pieces)


Dynaton LVL Beam is a very reliable option for Formwork applications.


Our LVL has been tested in Australia for engineering requirements of AS/NZS 4357.0:2005


Our company has used LVL for the last 12 years for Wall Shutters and Conventional Formwork under Suspended Slabs.


We carry 2 sectional sizes used for formwork.
   1. 150mm x 77mm Beam (used as bearers) and
   2. 95mm x 65mm Beam (Generally used as formwork joists or for Shutter Forms)

Dynaton can also help you to design your Project System requirements.




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