LVL Beams 95mm x 65mm



W 95mm x  H 65mm 

$9.43 per lineal Meter of  95mm x 65mm LVL Beams Excluding GST.

Our LVL comes in the Following lengths and Codes (LVL is painted on the ends to different Colors for easy sorting on site)

Discounts will be applied to larger orders. (more than 40 pieces) 

Dynaton LVL Beam is a very reliable option for Formwork applications.

Our LVL has been tested in Australia for engineering requirements of AS/NZS 4357.0:2005

Our company has used LVL for Wall Shutters and Conventional Formwork under Suspended Slabs.

We carry 2 sectional sizes used for formwork.
   1. 150mm x 77mm Beam (used as bearers) and
   2. 95mm x 65mm Beam (Generally used as formwork joists or for Shutter Forms) 

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