Dynaton’s Dynashore Tower Frame


Stackable frames can help you reach any height


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Our Dynashore Tower system for slab shoring is easy and quick to handle. Only four components are required to assemble a full tower: Frames, Braces, Jacks and Spigots. It proves to be a fast system for your project, saving time during assembly and dismantle.

Stronger than other similar systems, Dynashore can resist a maximum load capacity per leg of 34kN, and 136kN per a 4-legged tower.

Our system is ideal for building high shoring towers as the capacity of the frames is not reduced when the height increases. This provides a fast solution by covering the same floor area with less towers, without compromising safety.

With five different frame sizes, it’s easy to adjust to any floor height, offering versatility on complex slabs.

When a crane is available, large towers can be assembled horizontally and lifted up to final position, avoiding risk of working at heights. This also applies to repetitive jobs when cycling the towers to a new position is required, saving time erecting and dismantling towers.

All the system components are made of hot-dipped galvanised steel and are designed to comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standards:

Dead and Live Loads AS/NZS1170.1
Wind Loads AS/NZS1170.2
Formwork Code AS/NZS 3610-2010 & AS/NZS 3610-1995
Steel Structures Code AS/NZS 4100

This system is available for hire or purchase. Please enquire if you would like mor einformation.

Download our Dynashore Product Data Sheet HERE.

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