Rockbond Form Release



Rockbond Form Release

Rockbond Form Release is the precasters favourite! General purpose chemical release agent for steel moulds, formwork and concrete beds.

Form Release is a chemical release agent that produces an excellent finish on precast concrete components.
RB 7.18 has been designed to work as a bond breaker between moulds or formwork and freshly placed
concrete. This product is New Zealand’s #1 concrete release agent and is supplied to over 60% of Precast
Yards in the country.


• Provides a clean and easyrelease or “strike” without
damage to either the concrete face or form.
• Provides protection to timber formwork, impregnating
and rendering it waterproof and resistant to rot.
• In the case of steel moulds regular use will inhibit rust.
• Has no adverse effect upon the form or the
concrete surface.
• Allows for fast turnaround and very cost effective.


Form Realease is effective on most types of moulds and
formwork (including steel, timber and fibreglass) as well as
being suitable as a panel bondbreaker for tilt slab
construction. While Form Release is generally used for tilt
slab construction, at colder temperatures it is more
advisable to use Tilt Release for this application.

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20 Litres, 200 Litres

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